Tuesday night's front page of CBSNews.com
As a member of the "will" generation, I get my news the fastest way possible: from Twitter. So usually the only way I end up on a site like CBSNews.com is after I googled information about a trend I saw on my feed.

For example, when actor Michael Clarke Duncan died on Monday, I found out because "RIP Michael Clarke Duncan" was on my trends list on Twitter. I then googled him to confirm his death and to read up on the details. One place I landed was here, an article on CBS about Hollywood's reaction to the actors death.

From my first impression however, it seems to me CBS News strives to be more than just a hit on a google search.

The website is littered with pictures and headlines about the most "important" news of the day. The top of the page contains a ticker of top stories that you can click back and forth to see pictures of. For example, Julian Castro is on the front page in the screen shot, but one click of the right arrow and Michelle Obama comes up.

To the right of the ticker is a list of headlines. Some are serious, like this one about the record gay presence at the Democractic National Convention, and some are silly, like this video of a moose attacking a Vermont man.

After the top of the front page, the site scrolls way down to reveal a cornucopia of other stories sorted under categories like "entertainment," "politics," and "moneywatch." As you continue to scroll down the page, the diversity of the news offered by CBS continues to deepen. It's interesting to note that the very bottom of the headlines is the "opinion and analysis" section. Clearly, people come to this site for facts about the news and not editorial commentary.

Overall, CBS News does a solid job of covering major news stories nationwide and worldwide. It fills the role of interent extension of a television news network excellently.

Here's a link to Kal Penn ragging on Clint Eastwood at the DNC tonight that was on CBS News. Funny stuff.

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