Peyton Manning and Robert Griffin III both starred on Sunday, leading their teams to victories and A's from CBS
With all the anticipation and excitement leading up to the first Sunday of the NFL season, the day itself can overwhelm the writers and bloggers assigned to cover it. CBSSports.com covered the madness in a number of ways, but one of the tricks they used to make their analysis reader friendly was a grading system for all of the teams that played so far in week one.

CBSSports.com senior blogger Will Brinson made a table of all the teams that played and paired them up with their opponents. I actually didn't like the way he organized it, as I would have preferred a listing of the teams with the best grades on down. He started with the Sunday night game and ended with the Wednesday night game, so he sort of listed the games in reverse order to when they took place, even though he strayed from that in the middle of the article.

Nine of the 14 victors received grades in the A's (A- to A+). The highest grade went to the Redskins, who received an A+ behind a huge road win over New Orleans led by rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III. Other significant A's went to the San Francisco 49ers, who knocked off the Packers in Lambeau to kick off their 2012 campaign, and the New York Jets, who obliterated the Buffalo Bills in a statement game for controversial quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Three teams received failing grades from Brinson. The Cleveland Browns, who lost a tight game to the Eagles, got an F because Brandon Weeden struggled, throwing four picks, and because they lost a game in which their opponents probably played their worst possible offense game. The Bills flunked out Sunday after they were drubbed by the Jets and lost their starting running back Fred Jackson for the next month with a knee injury. The final F went to the Carolina Panthers, who lost to a previously hapless Buccaneers team and only rushed for ten yards, even though they have the best dual threat quarterback in football in Cam Newton. 

My hometown Seahawks drew a C- from Brinson, after they fell short against division rival Arizona on the road, 20-16. I think that Brinson evaluated the Hawks perfectly, because while they lost a game they should have won, rookie quarterback Russell Wilson looked pretty good and the defense played well from the second quarter on. 

Brinson and CBS Sports did a great job of utilizing a reader-friendly way to convey analysis. His grading explanations could have had more relevant information and he could have ordered the teams another way, but overall, Brinson wrote well and graded appropriately.

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