Psychiatry, by definition, is the branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. A mental disorder is more difficult to define. It can include anything from schizophrenia to ADHD, and the way to treat each particular disorder varies. What doesn't vary is the goal of the psychiatrist, which should be to improve the quality of life of their ailing patients. 

Officially, the mission statement of the Milwaukee Psychiatric Physicians states that they aim to provide the "highest quality of mental health care to our patients."

The organization's vision statement deepens the MPP mission:

Milwaukee Psychiatric Physicians will strive to be an independent private outpatient practice that provides diverse clinical services and increasing accessibility to its patients over time.  The group will maintain a high quality of care in an environment of clinical collegiality, yet function collectively in a quest for continued improved financial viability.  The practice will use cost effective information technology to provide clinicians, staff and patients efficiency and convenience.

Another organization that provides mental health care in Milwaukee county is Aurora Behavioral Health Services, based in Wauwatosa. According to their site:

We offer complete mental health treatment options, provided by highly trained professionals in a caring, confidential manner to meet individual and family needs.

Regardless of how effective the care the organizations provide, it seems that the goal of both is to care for their patients. That is what the mission of such organizations should ultimately be. 

I can personally attest to the strength of one of the two organizations above. Last year, I received counseling from Aurora Behavioral Health Services, and never once felt that they did not have my best interest in mind. It will be interesting for me to see what the psychiatrist says is the biggest weakness of Milwaukee psychiatry, since from my experience, I couldn't identify one.

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