When I learned at the beginning of this semester that my beat would be the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, I knew I had lucked out. Not only is the JS the local paper and therefore reporting on the events happening around me, but it is an award-winning news service dedicated to putting out high-quality content in all areas of journalism.

I was continually impressed throughout the semester with their coverage. Milwaukee is not a major market, but the Journal Sentinel makes it look like one of the most important cities in the nation. 

I was most impressed with their coverage in my own particular area of interest, the sports section. They do an incredible job of covering all of the various Wisconsin sports and making them relevant on a national level. I especially enjoyed following the Marquette basketball blog written by veteran JS reporter Michael Hunt. Reading Hunt's posts and interacting with him while we both covered the games improved my reporting skills over the course of the semester.

The Journal Sentinel impressed me when I had no trouble completing any of my assignments for the class. They had every major news story covered in earnest and still found time for excellent local content. Even their opinion page captured my attention for an assignment last week.

Overall, I realize now how lucky I was to have such a quality and accessible media outlet to cover for my beat this semester. I will certainly go to the Journal Sentinel for future Marquette news, and maybe I'll even see my name in its pages in a few years. I can only dream.

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