Brewers first baseman Mat Gamel was set to fill in for the departed Prince Fielder, until an ACL injury derailed his 2012 season.
For my profile assignment, I decided to find an article written by the renowned Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel sports desk. It didn't take me long to find what I was looking for, as an article on the Brewers' first base situation written by Todd Rosiak popped up.

The article profiles Brewers' first baseman Mat Gamel. Gamel, a fourth round pick of the Brewers in 2005, was tabbed as Prince Fielder's replacement in 2012 after Fielder, who played all 162 games in 2011 at first for Milwaukee, joined the Detroit Tigers in free agency. 

Tragically, Gamel tore his ACL trying to catch a pop fly against the San Diego Padres in just his 21st game of last season. Brewers outfielder Corey Hart replaced Gamel and succeeded. Gamel was forced to watch Hart thrive in his place, even though, according to Rosiak, Gamel felt "like I could help if I was healthy." 

But this year, Gamel will have his opportunity, as Hart injured his knee in the offseason, and Gamel will likely start at first for at least the first month of the year. Gamel says he's excited and that he's almost 100 percent after midseason surgery.

I thought Rosiak's profile was solid overall. His one sentence anecdotal lede carried a lot power, even though it made a brief, general statement. The connotation of regret and missed opportunity in the sentence, "Last year was supposed to be the year Mat Gamel began fulfilling his promise" stands out prominently. 

A choice that Rosiak made that I found interesting was his use of "(stuff) happens" in one of Gamel's quotes. In my mind, the parentheses imply that Gamel said "shit happens" and because "shit" is profane, an editor or Rosiak changed the word in the quote. I don't agree with the change, since "shit happens" is a popular expression that doesn't use the swear word in a cursing manner. Nobody really says "stuff happens," and I though having "shit" in there would have made the quote more realistic.

Overall, I was impressed by Rosiak's storytelling style and the way he crafted the profile. His article makes me want to follow Gamel throughout spring training and into the 2013 season, which is just over a month away.
OK, I get it. Packers fans are still bitter after getting wiped off the face of the Earth by Colin Kaepernick in the divisional playoffs. But JS Online was obligated to do some sort of coverage of the big game, since in the end, football rules Wisconsin. However, at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, this was the home page of JS Online:
Hey look! Trent Lockett! Now to be fair, Marquette was playing Louisville in a nationally televised game at the time, but still. We're talking about the super bowl here. It does manage to get some billing, right above the Wisconsin basketball live box score, but only in a Packer-centric way. 

Here's the home page at 5:48 p.m., right at the start of the game:
Notice Marquette is now gone, Wisconsin is still in the same place and now we have a live blog with JS writer Tom Silverstein. Silverstein does these during all Packer games, and I think having him do one for the Super Bowl was a good move on the JS's part. The "blog" link went to a page that looked like this: 
And this:
Silverstein answered a lot of questions from a Packer perspective, such as the one above where he compares Packers tight end Jermichael Finley to 49ers tight end Vernon Davis. Something that surprised me was when I went back at 12:50 a.m. to see what their post game coverage was like, the Super Bowl link was no longer the main story. Southwest Airlines' new ad for Milwaukee flights had taken over. 
It's weird that just three hours after the biggest sporting event of the entire year had ended, it was immediately relegated to the bottom right corner of the homepage, like any other story would be. Clearly, the Journal-Sentinel just wanted to do as much as they had to and then be done with covering a Packer-less championship game.