The religion blog roll on the Journal Sentinel website has quality stories, but needs more regular updates.
Before this assignment, I had no idea that the Journal Sentinel even had a religion beat. But, upon further review and some navigating of the tabs at the top of the JS online homepage, I discovered an occasionally updated religion story roll in a back channel area of the website.

The top two feature articles on the roll were an article about a potential abusive priest (why is this always a common theme?) and the union of two congregations of different Christian faiths. The second story is unique and totally worthy of the feature it received. Annysa Johnson's feature covered a great story that I loved reading about.

On that page, I found a link to a photo gallery of Easter Celebrations across the globe. The gallery contained 30 pictures, and the photography was quite strong. I am a big fan of original content though, and since the photos were from all around the world, it's pretty obvious that the JS took the pictures from other websites. That's kind of cheating.

The same author of the story on the merging congregations, Ms. Annysa Johnson, has her own blog on JS online called FaithWatch. Some of the posts looked interesting, such as this one on a rabbi talking about slavery. However, she doesn't update the blog enough. The last post came March 27, and that was before Holy Week started. I'm not sure how you can fail to blog on religion during the most important week of the year for catholics.

Overall, I feel that the JS could cover religion with more depth and regularity but Johnson picks her spots well and writes solid features on interesting topics.

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