Mira Lowe, senior features editor for CNN Digital, shared advice and insight in our class Wednesday.
Almost immediately, Mira Lowe said something worth taking down.

"The homepage is the door to the house," said the senior features editor for CNN Digital.

The compelling conversation lasted for the entire hour-and-fifty minute period, and made for an intriguing Wednesday afternoon. Here are a few bullet points of important nuggets Lowe mentioned:

- CNN's online viewership is male-dominated. Lowe oversees five sections at CNN: living, travel, entertainment, tech and health. All five average more male viewers than female viewers. Lowe is attempting to make her pages geared more towards females to remedy the imbalance.

- CNN has a vast collection of blogs that cover anything from breaking news to religion. My favorite blog feature was the live blogging events schedule that Lowe showed us. As a frequent live blogger, I see the potential this medium has.

- "The Gift of Charles" is one of the most powerful pieces of journalism I have experienced in a while. I was moved by the story and impressed by all of the different platforms the story was told on.

- iReport presents a great opportunity for journalists trying to earn 15 minutes of fame. The citizen journalism model it promotes is brilliantly convenient for CNN, since it allows them to post reports without sending reporters everywhere.

- Fun fact: the peak times for traffic on CNN are 11 a.m. to noon, the early afternoon, the end of the day and 6 a.m. in the morning. As such, CNN posts articles at these times to attract the most attention possible.

Mrs. Lowe's visit was a unique opportunity and I truly enjoyed getting to know her and hearing her words of wisdom.

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