Well, CBSSports.com, not sure if you realized it, but the baseball playoffs started this weekend. Oh look, there it is on the top right corner of your homepage. It wasn't important enough to make the main ticker or anything down the right side though? Alright, I see where your priorities are.

Fact is, America pays attention to and cares about football first. As a result, the three headlines across the ticker are Tony Barnhart's weekly college football column, a preview for the Monday Night Football game between the Texans and the Jets, and Jason La Canfora's weekly observation column on the NFL.

Compare that to ESPN's front page. ESPN has five headlines on their main ticker, plus a list of headlines down the right side. The very first headline of the main ticker is a picture of Allen Craig of the St. Louis Cardinals, with a play button that when clicked starts a live audio stream of the Cardinals-Nationals game on ESPN Radio. ESPN also has a headline for Monday Night Football (I was surprised that they gave top billing to baseball instead of their own upcoming telecast of MNF), college football, NASCAR, and even the cricket world championship.

Down the right side, ESPN devotes most of their headlines to story lines stemming from week five of the NFL. None of the headlines have to do with Major League Baseball.

My point by going through all of this analysis is that the media slight important baseball games in order to push as much NFL content to their site as possible. CBS basically gave up completely on MLB coverage, just throwing a little link in the top right corner of their home page. It looks like my beat needs to step up the quantity or

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