The blog post on the CBS Sports NFL blog. The GIF shows Bill Belichick pushing a referee in an altercation after the game.
For CBS Sports' weekly coverage, I again turned to my NFL blog buddy Will Brinson for his insights on the week that was in replacement refereeing. 

The first bit of poor officiating he highlighted came from the Patriots-Ravens game on Sunday Night. Bill Belichick, the Patriots head coach, tried to argue with the referee after the Ravens' kicker Justin Tucker made the game winning field goal by the slimmest of margins. Belichick ran up to the official and pushed him as he refused to engage in the argument that was essentially spilled milk.

Brinson writes that Belichick should and will receive a hefty fine from the league office. He even gave a clever suggestion saying that the league should fine Belichick $3 million to help bridge the gap between the NFL and the locked out real referees. I love that suggestion, plus the idea of a scumbag like Belichick losing a year's salary makes me extremely happy from a sports perspective.

The other main thing highlighted by Brinson was Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan's chasing down of the replacement refs in the tunnel after the game. Shanahan tracked down the refs in the tunnel before they got away and reportedly swore at them.

"'You have no f***ing balls, you r a f***ing p***y,' Shanahan reportedly yelled at one of the refs," Brinson wrote. That's a bit strong, Kyle. I'm sure the refereeing wasn't that bad. Again, the pictures show the refs managing to ignore him, which is really impressive, even though Shanahan is on the small side physically. 

The best part of the whole thing is the graphic running at the bottom of the pictures, which reads "WSH Loses 7th Straight Home Game." Poor, poor Redskins.

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