As I went in to decide what my favorite part of my beat website was, I did a double take. CBS News had completely changed their home page! The background, formerly dark, was now stark white. I was very confused.

So, as a result, it suddenly became very difficult for me to evaluate what part of CBS News was my favorite. 

However, one thing that remained the same about CBS is its awesome pictures. As I scroll down the website, a number of compelling photographs catch my eye. Here are a few examples:
This picture linked to an article about taxes rising sharply very soon. CBS News smartly used a graph as their picture to draw in numbers oriented readers who would probably find this story more compelling.
This picture links to a gallery of photos of Alexandra Kogut, an 18 year old college student in New York who was found beaten to death in her dorm room. The gallery also shows pictures of the suspect in custody. Assumably, the photos were pulled off of the girls' Facebook page.
This picture pisses me off. First of all, Europe shouldn't have won the Ryder Cup. I devoted most of my weekend to watching the tournament that absolutely broke my heart in the end. But this compelling picture of Jose Maria Olazabal kissing Lee Westwood brings in even non-sports fans would notice and possibly click on. It also depicts a man kissing another man, which could evoke some controversy and is a bold decision.

Overall, the photos on CBS News make it a top end news site. In an era of short attention spans, the quality of the photography on CBS turn viewers into readers.

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