Post-inaguaration day, I would have to conclude that JS Online was a little light on inauguration content. Going to the front page on Tuesday night, the site had clearly moved on to more pressing matters, such as cold weather and tax cuts.

However, after clicking on a link at the bottom of the main page, I did find their story on the inauguration from Craig Gilmore. The article was mostly a summary of the events with a look forward to the challenges Barack faces in his second term.

The best part about the story was the linking to videos and pertinent photo galleries down the side of the page. The three video links were to the "raw" inauguration address, Obama's ceremonial swearing of the Oath of Office and Joe Biden's swearing in. The photo gallery links went to galleries of the inauguration, Washington's preparation for the big day and photos from the official swearing in the day before. 

The article took a very political view of the event. It didn't mention much at all about the pomp and circumstance leading up to Obama's address, such as Beyonce's or Alicia Keys' performances. It mostly related how political leaders reacted and the general political implications of the inauguration. I found it interesting that less than 36 hours after it had taken place, the inauguration was relegated to a clickable link on the front page of JS

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