The Journal Sentinel ripped the 46 senators who voted against gun control legislation in a recent editorial.

This is the first sentence of the Journal Sentinel's editorial on the senate's failure to pass the gun legislation that would have expanded background checks for people looking to purchase a gun. 

Aside from the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, this was probably the biggest national news story of last week. Needing 60 votes to pass through the senate, the bill failed after 46 senators voted against it. 

According to the Journal Sentinel's editorial, the senators "fell for the National Rifle Associations' prevarications" when they voted against the bill. They asserted that the bill would have made the streets safer and closed out loopholes for purchasing guns at shows without background checks. They also stressed the nations general support for the bill, using a hyperlinked article that showed nine in 10 Americans supported it.

The editorial board invoked powerful instances of gun violence in the past few years, such as the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary and the attempted assassination of congresswoman Gabby Giffords. They also launched into a tirade about the NRA having the senate in their grasp and lying about the bill. 

Regardless of my own personal feelings about the bill failing, I was thoroughly impressed that the JS editorial board didn't pull any punches while getting their point across. They stressed the necessity to "defeat the gun lobby" in order to end gun violence in everyday life in the US. The paper went right after the NRA and the 46 senators who voted against the bill, calling them cowards from the start. They were aggressive and convince their point was the correct one, and that enhances any great editorial.

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