After another wild weekend of college football, the debate continues to rage over the accuracy of the BCS system.

Oregon, who soundly beat Arizona State on Thursday, dropped a spot in the BCS rankings for the second straight week, even though they remain undefeated. After Florida usurped them last week in the inaugural edition of the 2012 standings, Kansas State shot past them in week nine's ranks. The Ducks fell to fourth after the Wildcats routed previously No. 13 West Virginia.

However, according to Mr. College Football, Tony Barnhart, the Ducks "shouldn't worry." He believes that Florida won't win out, with Georgia, Florida State, and the SEC championship game against Alabama still on their schedule. Moreover, he gives logic to suggest that even if Kansas State wins out, an undefeated Oregon would have the upper hand as far as the BCS is concerned.

Kansas State only has two top-25 showdowns remaining, with games against No. 14 Texas Tech and No. 23 Texas looming. On the other hand, Oregon has three such games left on their schedule (against No. 9 USC, No. 17 Stanford and No. 7 Oregon State) and they have a conference championship game, something the Big 12 doesn't have. 

So even though Oregon has fallen in the rankings for no particular reason, they apparently still control their own destiny. Good to know, CBS. Anything else?

Oh yeah, speaking of Kansas State, their quarterback, Colin Klein, just took the the lead in the Heisman race after a massive game against WVU. What shocked me more than anything was that Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron is a Heisman candidate according to Barnhart. 

All signals seem to be pointing up for Kansas State, who are surging, have a relatively easy road ahead, and have a superb quarterback leading their high powered offense. It would be good to see the Wildcats succeed, since they haven't been relevant since Darren Sproles led them to a Big 12 championship in 2004

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