The most helpful part of the Developing a Successful Journalistic Blog module, the emphasis chart.
Generally, in my time using NewsU from the Poynter Institute, I have found the modules to be fairly informative and helpful, but also a bit hard to navigate at times. The Developing a Successful Journalistic Blog module was no different.

My favorite part of the module was the graphic which outlined the five main components of a good blog. Since focusing highly on all five is tough, each hand when provided the positives and negatives of emphasizing each element. 

The most important element is voice, because readers will connect to writers that have a strong and consistent voice. I also support high curation, which essentially means involving outside sources and information in your blog, and using hyperlinks effectively, much like HerbLowe.com does.

On the whole though, I felt the module was way too text heavy. A lot of the NewsU modules find ways to creatively work in activities, quizzes and other interactive features. This particular one just had paragraph upon paragraph of text that was presented in a pretty boring fashion.

The module should have been made to look like a blog, because then not only would the information on it have been helpful, it would have been good for visual learners as well to actually see what the module means.

I've tried blogging before. I love the Seattle Mariners, and so a friend and I created Way Out in Left Field, a blog with analysis of the Mariners roster moves and performance. I haven't written much since coming back to Marquette, so my friend Anthony has written the recent posts, but I think we try and factor in all five parts of blogging to an extent.

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